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Stacy aims to provide an effortless experience for you and your family. Not one for props or forced smiles, Stacy will document you and your babies in the most heartfelt and timeless way. Your whole experience should be relaxed, meaningful and never rushed.

Your session is natural and baby-led, meaning Stacy will begin where she feels is best for your baby.

That could look like family portraits first, or it could mean some individual photos. Generally, every attempt is made for sibling shots in the beginning, as there is sometimes a small window of opportunity for older siblings being willing participants, or it provides an opportunity for a second attempt after children have familiarised themselves with their surroundings.

There will be time for you to feed your baby during our session, especially as it means your baby will be calm during their portraits.

While your session is not necessarily a posed session, it will be a session where I provide direction, and plenty of it. If I’m quiet you’re doing perfectly, But I do need the best lighting and most flattering angles and I don’t expect you to know where they are. 

The images will feel organic but the process of getting there is with a lot of gentle direction so you don’t feel lost or awkward. All you have to do is relax and enjoy being surrounded by the people you love most. 

Please take the time to browse through Stacy’s portfolio so you can familiarise yourself with the portrait style.

Stacy will document your story in it’s purest form.  

Time is so fleeting, and is certainly not promised, it’s time to get your family portraits sorted.